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About Us

The MixedBag Company


The MixedBag Company is an event management company in Pune that provides end to end services for corporate event management, wedding planning, live concerts, parties, brand promotions, social events and or any other event management needs. 


We attribute the success of our events to our client centric approach, personal touch and mindfulness. Creating an enjoyable, exclusive and memorable experience for you is our priority and USP. 

Our Vision

To focus on creativity and personal touch thereby generating extra-ordinary experiences.

Tailor-make and deliver stellar events for clients that are unique for their requirements.

Create events that are good for physical, mental, emotional well being.

Achieve tangible results to foster deeper engagement.

The Co-founders

Our co-founders, Tanvi and Shilpa, are a dynamic duo and bring to the table a wide array of skills and expertise and we aim to bring this diversity of skillset into every event we manage.


Tanvi Tilve

Tanvi is capable, resourceful and smart and her vibrant personality ensures that all their events are full of energy, passion and fun!! Her long standing and enriching corporate experience guarantee that the events are managed with utmost professionalism. 


Shilpa Padmanabhan

Shilpa is a Yoga and Nutrition counsellor bringing the 'Wellness' quotient to all her initiatives. Being naturally creative she has a keen eye for detail and Design seeks to find expression for this through the medium of Art, Culture and Spaces!! 

With them you can be assured of an event that is managed efficiently, tastefully and with integrity. 

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